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Learning and Development Directorate Training Services

Processing of study and training leave applications

As a Public officer you can access training through your department (training leave) or initiate training on your own (study leave).

Submit your application for study leave through your Ministry to the Learning and Development Directorate on or before February 28, if your course starts September of the same year.

If your course starts in January, your application should reach us by July 31 of the previous year.

For further details, read or download a pdf copy of our “Guidelines for the Award of Training and Study Leave”.

Download and complete your study leave application form for approval

Providing local in-service training courses and seminars/workshops

We design and deliver training courses and seminars which include information specific to the functioning of the public service.

We provide in-house consultancies on identification of training needs and training design to Ministries/Departments.

Have a need for training? We also provide consultancy services to Ministries /Departments by assisting them in planning and conducting specialized in-house training for their officers. We assist with designing and costing the programmes, providing supplies and materials, and the identification of resource persons if necessary. Send your requests for in-house training and consultancy services to:

                The Director
                Learning and Development Directorate
                Level 5, Warrens Towers II
                Warrens, St Michael

Processing request for loans from the Training Loan Fund

Do you need financial assistance with your studies?    Are you a public officer?   If you answered “yes” to both questions, then you can apply for a training loan through the Learning and Development Directorate. Click for more information!

Specialized library services

The Learning and Development Directorate's specialised library focuses on training and development materials and areas of general and public sector management. The library services are available to public officers only.

For more information, contact our Library Assistant at 535-6721.